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Life insurance

Many Lithuanian citizens have faced the organisational concerns of a funeral, the biggest of them being looking for the amount of money necessary for the funeral.

A study carried out according to the order of Compensa Life has revealed that more than half of Lithuanians believe they should have from 600 to 1, 500 EUR for a funeral, while 19% of the respondents with higher income claim they need from 1,5 to 3 thousand EUR, and finally, 13% believe the costs could reach from 300 to 600 EUR.

Even if people have accumulated a certain amount of money for a rainy day, in order to use it quickly, they face legal inheritance procedure which can last up to six months. A common solution to the problems of Lithuanians is borrowing, however, in such case the relatives of the deceased have to carry the debt burden.

If you want to avoid financial troubles, we offer a responsible choice – Life insurance "Responsible Choice"

Life insurance "Responsible Choice" is an exclusive product with guaranteed interest for people wishing to arrange everything in advance and not to leave any troubles to their relatives.

Main facts about this type of insurance:

  1. GUARANTEED FAST PAYMENT OF MONEY. Insurance claim shall be paid within 2 business day from the date of receipt of documents confirming the insurable event to the beneficiaries specified in the contract.
  2. CHOICE OF INSURANCE AMOUNTS.You can choose one out of three insurance amounts:  2000 Eur, 3000 Eur, 4000 Eur.
  3. PAYMENT MAKING OPTIONS. Insurance premium can be paid: periodically once per month, per quarter, per six months, per year and at one time.
  4. EASY CONTRACT CONCLUSION. No risk assessment.