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Guaranteed interest life insurance

What is it? Guaranteed interest life insurance is a safe and easy way to save money. By covering yourself with this life insurance, you not only protect your nearest and dearest but also assure some additional income in old age. ‘Save’ peace to you and your family.

Saving. During the entire insurance period, you are accumulating the desired amount by paying periodic premiums. Presently, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch guarantees the annual interest equal to 0,9 per cent which is calculated each month on the basis of the accumulated amount. The additional interest to be added to the accumulated amount at the end of the year depends on return on the company's investments. Principles of calculations of additional interests you can find here.

Conditions. The amount of your premiums will depend on a life sum insured and desired accumulated amount, age, sex and insurance period. Upon the expiry of the insurance period, the total accumulated amount is paid to you or any natural or legal entity chosen by you. In the event of death, the person specified by you as a beneficiary shall acquire the right to the benefit. Our list of non-insured events is particularly short.

Premiums. For your choice, we offer the extremely flexible premium payment scheme. We offer to pay the one-off premium or choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and annual premiums. You may also choose to pay higher premiums which lead to a higher accumulated amount. Payment of premiums for life insurance enables you to control your savings during the entire insurance period by yourself. If you are short of money at any time during the insurance period, you may withdraw a part of the accumulated amount. If you choose the direct debits, you may be sure about timely payment of insurance premiums. It is the most easy and convenient way to pay insurance premiums.

Benefits. You may obtain the guaranteed interest life insurance benefit in two cases: upon expiry of the insurance period or in the event of death. When choosing the Guaranteed interest life insurance, you may choose a life sum insured and the amount to be accumulated by yourself. Life Sum Insured shall mean the fixed benefit to be paid in the event of misfortune which is specified in the contract. Moreover, you may choose the life sum insured without linking it to the desired accumulated amount.  Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch offers two convenient options of benefits. In the event of death, the following amount will be paid:

  • A. The life sum insured or the accumulated amount (if the latter amount is higher);
  • B. The life sum insured and the accumulated amount.

You will choose the option of benefit by yourself when concluding the insurance contract. The chosen option will be the basis for calculation of your premiums.


Additional services. While choosing the guaranteed interest life insurance, you may also acquire the additional insurances under the extremely favourable conditions.