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Investment insurance Plus

What is it? Investment insurance Plus shall mean the life insurance with the great opportunity to manage your savings by making investments on your own. By choosing this life insurance, you take care of your closest people and save for the future by making investments when the investment risk is borne by you.  In addition to this insurance, you may also choose additional insurances.

Saving. Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch offers the insurance which enables you to choose the investment direction for your premiums. One of the investment opportunities is linking of the premium to one or several chosen investment funds. The size of the accumulated savings will directly depend on the prices of investment units linked to the contract and investment risk. By taking into consideration the risk to be borne by you, you have the opportunity to make the investment package which meets your needs and expectations.

Investment directions. The analysis and selection of various securities are often complicated and expend time. Therefore it is easier to invest into already prepared packages, i.e. investment directions. By investing into these directions, you participate in large stock markets which are usually difficult-to-access for small investors. Compensa Life offers to choose from 14 investment directions which are more explicitly described here.

Premiums. For your convenience, we offer the flexible premium payment scheme. We offer to pay the one-off premium or choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and annual premiums. The insurance premiums are linked to the chosen investment directions. You may also choose to pay higher premiums which lead to a higher amount accumulated by you. Moreover, the residents who conclude the life insurance contracts have the opportunity to recover the personal income tax for the paid insurance premiums. With Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch, you remain the legal manager of your savings during the entire insurance period. If you are short of money at any time during the insurance period, you may even withdraw a part of the accumulated amount.

Benefits. You may obtain the benefit of investment insurance Plus in two cases: upon expiry of the insurance period or in the event of death. Upon the expiry of the insurance contract, the accumulated amount is paid. Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch offers two convenient options of benefits in the event of death:

  • A. The life sum insured or the accumulated amount (if the latter amount is higher);
  • B. The life sum insured and the accumulated amount.

Life Sum Insured shall mean the fixed benefit to be paid in the event of misfortune which is specified in the contract. You will choose the option of benefit by yourself when concluding the insurance contract.

While choosing the primary life insurances, we offer to acquire also the additional insurances under the favourable conditions: 

None of the pieces of information concerning our investment products can be interpreted as advice, an offering or persuasion to make an insurance agreement and/or choose a particular investment area.

The Insured assumes all and any investment-related risks: total amount of investment revenue/loss earned/made as a result of investments in the areas chosen by the Insured shall alter the prices per investment unit accordingly (the prices may go up or down).

Each investment move relates to risks, that is, making a loss or dissatisfaction in expectations is possible.

The results of a previous investment period do not guarantee revenue in future periods

Changes in the investment value of a previous period do not necessarily imply the same changes in value in the future.

An investment does not guarantee that the value of the invested funds shall be retained.

The Insured is liable for his/her decisions and, therefore, before making an investment insurance agreement or choosing investment areas, he/she must:
- familiarise himself/herself with the applicable insurance terms and conditions (General Insurance Terms and conditions and Specific Insurance Terms and Conditions), applicable Fees or other payments (Price List), investment area reviews, investment insurance agreement administration policy and other provisions of his/her insurance agreement properly and responsibly;
- assess all and any investment risks above and consult experts, if necessary.

Neither the manager of the investment fund nor the Insurer shall be liable for changes in the value of the investment units in the chosen investment area. The Insurer shall try to ensure the maximum reliability of the information provided; however, he shall not be liable for the particularity and correctness of information prepared by the manager of the investment fund.