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  Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch

Registered address: Ukmergės g. 280, LT-06115 Vilnius
Registration number of the branch: 301135655
Tel.: 19111, +370 5 250 4000
Fax.: +370 5 250 4001
Data about the branch are collected and kept by the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania

Bank accounts:
AB SEB bankas
Bank code 70440
Bank account No. LT307044060001540403
Payment reference number 2828

Swedbank, AB
Bank code 73000
Bank account No. LT897300010070493107
Payment reference number 2828

Luminor Bank AS
Bank code 40100
Bank account No. LT464010049500000104
Payment reference number 2828
Bank account No. LT182140030002763338
  Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

  Registered address: Narva mnt 63/2, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia
Registration number: 10055769
GIIN (global intermediary identification number): EM4SY0.00004.ME.233
Legal form: European company (Societas Europaea)
Data about the legal entity are collected and kept by the Commercial Register of the Republic of Estonia