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"Compensa Life" Christmas greetings
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Relevant information for Clients who pay their life insurance premiums by direct debit
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Changes in ALFRED BERG funds
Information relevant to customers who have unit-linked life insurance products and have chosen Alfred Berg Finland, Alfred Berg Europe and Alfred Berg Optimal investment funds.   Read further »

Mergers in ALFRED BERG funds
Alfred Berg will make some changes in the list of its managed funds. The objective is to provide to our customers funds that are suitable for the current market conditions and also to streamline our product range. The mergers will be carried out automatically, and the unit-holders will not need to take any action due to the merger.   Read further »

Three of Four Parents Are Not Aware of Treatment of Tick-Borne Encephalitis
The results of the public opinion poll showed that 72 per cent of parents even do not imagine the sum of expenses required to treat tick-borne encephalitis, while each firth parent declared being able to assume the approximate price of treatment.Nevertheless, about a quarter of respondents were aware of existence of insurance of tick-borne encephalitis.   Read further »

Compensa Life, Vienna Insurance Group SE, Lithuanian Branch has a new address of the head office and the customer service telephone number
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Changes regarding the investment patterns
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Happy Easter!
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Compensa Life Critical Illness Insurance: Three Insured at a Price of One
From now the customers of the Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE, Lithuanian Branch can choose either standard or comprehensive critical illness insurance.In addition to this, the Compensa Life Lithuanian Branch is the first in Lithuania to offer to those who have already chosen comprehensive critical illness insurance an option to insure two their infant children.   Read further »

Good News for Customers Who Have Health Insurance
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Exhibition of Paintings of S. Maslauskaite Has Been Opened at the Art Gallery of the Compensa Concert Hall
On 17 February, the exhibition of paintings of Sigita Maslauskaite under the title ‘A Man and the Moon‘ was opened at the art gallery of the Compensa concert hall. This exhibition presents over twenty paintings of the artist produced in 2012 to 2015.   Read further »

Compensa Life Showed Steady Growth in 2014
The results of the Lithuanian Branch of the life insurance company Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE have been steadily growing for three years consecutively. Compared to 2013, the total sum of underwritten life insurance and health insurance premiums increased by 35 percent and amounted to EUR 24 million (LTL 83 million).   Read further »